Modified Audi in India

Modified Audi TT in India a Power-Packed Machine

Modified Audi TT: Featuring Phoenix a 2017 Audi TT a power-packed machine where it’s under-hood is blessed with a 1984 cc turbo petrol engine with 4 cylinders and comes with an automatic 6-speed gearbox which is capable of delivering an overwhelming performance. The beast produces the maximum power of 226.6bhp@4500-6200rpm and maximum torque of 370Nm@1600-4300rpm in stock condition. The beast accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 4.6 seconds and drives to the top speed of 250kmph in stock condition. Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades made to the beast.

Modifications and Upgrades

• Stage 2 APR Performance Tune (with Pops & Crackles)

• APR TCU Tune

• APR Catless Downpipe

• APR Turbo Muffler Delete

• APR Carbon Intake System

• 19″ Niche Misano Rims Wrapped in Pirelli Flat Rubber

Picture credits: @gokz_motography @dildas_photography.

Front view of modified Audi TT

Front view of modified Audi TT

Modified Audi TT with APR Turbo Muffler Delete

Modified Audi TT with APR Turbo Muffler Delete

Detailed Review:

It’s all about the modified Audi TT with a stage 2 APR performance tune with pops & crackles and APR TCU tune which remains a perfect power-pack for the beast. It has an APR Catless downpipe and APR Turbo muffler which gives out a supreme eargasm. Its stock intake system is replaced with an APR Carbon Intake system adds additional horse and improves the acceleration of the beast. The beast’s stock wheels are replaced with 19″ Niche Misano rims wrapped with Pirelli Flat rubbers which gives a sensual look for the beast.

Stage 2 APR performance tuned modified Audi TT

Stage 2 APR performance tuned modified Audi TT

This modified Audi TT is owned by Mr. Unni Krishnan, an auto enthusiast who files the beast in the roads of Kerala. To know more about the beast and its future upgrades follow him @uksr87 and follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified cars in India.

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