Modified Skoda Kodiaq with Stage 3 turbo upgrade

“Country’s first Modified Skoda Kodiaq with Stage 3 TOT Tune adding meaty gains at the wheels!”

Yes, It’s official! The country’s first modified Skoda Kodiaq with stage 3 TOT tune was done by the expert hands of ICD tuning, Chennai. Also, read about The Most Sexiest Modified BMW M3 In The Town!

Modified Skoda Kodiaq with Stage 3 turbo upgrade
Modified Skoda Kodiaq with Stage 3 turbo upgrade

Making the car faster isn’t that much easy. Building a slow bone stock car into a monster isn’t an easy job! This modified Skoda Kodiaq from Chennai, Tamil Nadu looks bone stock on its outer look but it produces 200WHP/400NM TQ after getting tuned by the expert hands of Icd Tunning, Chennai. When we checked with Mr. Ashwin Durai the founder & tuner of Icd Tunning, Chennai he states that the car currently runs on a Stage 3 ECU @tuneotronics Performance Tune and Stage 2 @tuneotronics TCU Tune.  

Additionally, the car gets a Stage 3 turbo upgrade to enhance the drive and allow more power with less smoke, and address durability issues. 

Modified Skoda Kodiaq with stage 2 Tcu Tune
Modified Skoda Kodiaq with stage 2 Tcu Tune

Stock Figures of this Skoda Kodiaq:

Featuring the Snow White a Skoda Kodiaq powered with a (1968 cc) 2.0-litre TDI Diesel Engine mated to a 7 Speed-automatic gearbox delivering maximum power and torque of 148bhp@3500-4000rpm and 340nm@1750-3000rpm respectively in the stock condition. This Skoda Kodiaq is the countries first car to get Stage 3 tuned. What’s more special about this modified Skoda Kodiaq? Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades that are done to this beast and follow the modified monsters to know more.

Approx Figures: 200WHP/400NM TQ

Modified Skoda Kodiaq with stage 3 ecu Tune
Modified Skoda Kodiaq with stage 3 ecu Tune

Modifications and Upgrades Done To This Modified Skoda Kodiaq:

➼ Stage 3 ECU @tuneotronics Performance Tune

➼ Stage 2 @tuneotronics TCU Tune

➼ Stage 3 turbo upgrade

This modified Skoda Kodiaq is tuned and maintained by ICD Tuning Chennai. Follow them @icd_tuning.chennai to get Performance upgrades, ECU Remap, Multi-brand car service, and repair.

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