modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230

modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230 with APR Stage 3+ tune 400HP

One of the cleanest modified Skoda Octavia RS230 from the Czech Republic. Vampire hunters just send purebloods straight to the blue Realm. Featuring the Azazel a Skoda OCTAVIA RS powered with a 2.0 TSI (230 PS) turbocharged petrol engine along with a 6-speed DSG transmission. With its stock engine, the car delivers 169 kW (230 PS) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds; its top speed is limited to 250 km/h.  What’s more special about Azazel? Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades that are done to the beast.

modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230
modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230
Modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230 with APR Stage 3 ECU & APR TCU (DQ250) 

Modification and upgrades that are done to this modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230:

• APR Stage 3 ECU

• APR TCU (DQ250) 

• IS38 IHI Turbo 

• REMUS Catback 

• MILLTEK Catless downpipe 

• RACING LINE R600 Intake 

• RACING LINE Silicone R600 under hose 

• RACING LINE Turbo inlet 

• RACING LINE Silicone intake hose (red) 

• RACING LINE Turbo muffler delete 

• RACING LINE Intercooler 

• RACING LINE Intercooler silicone hoses 

• RACING LINE Oil catch tank 

• RACING LINE Underbody braces 

• FORGE Intercooler-Turbo hose 

• DO88 Red silicone water hoses 

• PORSCHE front 6 pot brakes 375mm 

• RS245 rear brakes + 356mm adapters 

• AUDI RS3 Brake calipers 

• Armored brake hoses 

• APR Coils (red) 

• AUDI RS7 OEM Sparks 

• ST lowered springs 

• APR + 034 Motorsport lower engine mount 

• RACING LINE oil bolt (magnetic) 

• Front strut between shock absorbers 

Power Figures: 430 HP & 550 Nm

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modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230
Modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230 with Stage 3+ Performance Upgrade

Tuned by:  @GruppoMotors

This modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230 is owned by @stlg_rs follow him on Instagram to know more about his beast and its future upgrades.

modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230 with Big Brake Kit

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modified SKODA OCTAVIA RS230

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