Modified Toyota Fortuner in India

Modified Toyota Fortuner in India AKA DARK KNIGHT

Modified Toyota Fortuner: The AKA DARK KNIGHT is a 2018 model Toyota Fortuner powered with a 2755cc 1-GD FTV Diesel Engine mated with a 6-Speed automatic gearbox. The car delivers a maximum power of (bhp@rpm) 174.5bhp@3400rpm and a maximum torque of (nm@rpm) 450Nm@1600-2400 in the stock condition and it accelerates 0-100kmph in 12.14 (sec) seconds and reaches a top speed of 180kmph in the stock condition. Modified cars in India: Read on to know more about the upgrades and modifications that were done to the car.

Modifications And Upgrades

  • Lowered back Suspension
  • full chrome delete
  • 1inch extend Wheels
  • Upgraded Fuel system

Detailed Review

Even the minute upgrades matters, The AKA DARK KNIGHT some basic upgrades that make the car look more majestic. The car gets a Lowered back Suspension which gives more road feel, stiffer ride, Less rollover risk and better handling. Also, the car gets an upgraded fuel system which improves maximum fuel flow to the engine for optimal horsepower and fuel efficiency. The mighty giant gets 1inch extended Wheels and full chrome delete which gives the car a real gigantic look.

The beast is owned by Mr Shamli Ahamed, Do follow him @_shamil_ahamed to know more about the Modified Toyota Fortuner updates about his beast.

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