Modified Skoda Rapid

Power-Packed Modified Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI from Coimbatore produces 𝟏𝟓𝟎𝐡𝐩

Modified Skoda Rapid

More power comes with more responsibilities. This modified Skoda Rapid from Coimbatore produces 𝟏𝟓𝟎𝐡𝐩/𝟑𝟑𝟎𝐧𝐦 after getting tuned. We all know that these cars have an insane engine and supreme technology. But there is always trustworthiness among people that these cars are known for their superior built quality. This modified Skoda Rapid with a 1.5-liter diesel engine runs on Stage 2+ Tuneotronics ECU tune done by delta Performace Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The OEM suspension of the car is replaced with Cobra lowering springs where it offers better handling to the car. Coming up to the underhood upgrades the car gets an aftermarket intercooler and inhales air with a Racingline air filter. Read on to know more about the stock figures of this car and follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified cars in India.

Stock Figures Of This Modified Skoda Rapid:

Modified Skoda Rapid

Featuring Elaine a 2020 Skoda Rapid Style 1.5 TDI comes with a 1498 cc 4 cylinder inline turbocharged diesel engine putting out a maximum power of 109 bhp @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 250 Nm @ 1500 rpm respectively in stock condition. The beast comes with an automatic – 7-speed gearbox with, Manual Override, Sport Mode and accelerates from 0-100 in 10.7 seconds with 190.8 km/hr top speed in stock condition. Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades are done to the beast and follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified cars in India. On the interior part, the car gets a full music system which adds better sound to make driving that little bit more pleasurable.

Modifications And Upgrades Done To This Modified Skoda Rapid:

Modified Skoda Rapid
  • Stage 2+ Tuneotronics ECU tune
  • Cobra lowering springs
  • Downpipe
  • Racingline air filter
  • Aftermarket intercooler
  • 17” Lenso project D wheels
  • 205/45/17 Michelin Ps4 rubbers
  • Full music system and completely new headlight+fog light setup
  • 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐱 𝐏𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐬//𝟏𝟓𝟎𝐡𝐩/𝟑𝟑𝟎𝐧𝐦
  • Tuner// @deltaa5_performance @icd_tuning.chennai
  • Built at// @deltaa5_performance

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This modified Skoda Rapid is Owned By Mr. JAGADISH RAVICHANDRAN from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Follow him on Instagram at @nalla_paiyan__ to know more about the beast and its future upgrades.

Thank you Mr. Sudarsan S. Prabhu for the amazing shots. Check out his works on Instagram at @thesupragram

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Modified Skoda Rapid
Modified Skoda Rapid

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