Modified Hyundai i20

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Stock Figures Of Modified Hyundai i20

Have you ever seen a daily driven beast with some sick upgrades?

Featuring 2016 model Modified Hyundai i20 1.2 Litre VTVT with 1197cc, 4 cylinders in line, 4 valves/cylinder, DO petrol engine which produces the maximum power of 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 115 Nm @ 4000 rpm. The beast accelerates from 0-100 in 13.2 seconds and flies up to the top speed of 180kmph in stock condition. The beast comes with the front-wheel drivetrain and 5speed manual transmission. Modified cars in India: Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades that are done to this beast and follow the modified monsters to know more.

Modifications and Upgrades Of The Modified Hyundai i20

  • Wolf moto stage 1+ performance remap with pops and bangs
  • Custom performance header with Valvetronic Exhaust System by grid7 customs
  • 17” wheels wrapped with Accellera 651 sport rubber
  • Cobra lowering springs
  • BMC intake
  • Brembo brake pads
  • Front and side skirts
  • Rear diffuser
  • Akrapovic dual tips
  • Flack paint jobs
  • Performance hid kit
  • Custom interior

Detailed Review of Modified Hyundai i20:

Have you ever seen a daily driven beast with some cool upgrades which make you enjoy your daily drive? What makes this beast special? The beast is lowered with Cobra lowering springs and got its 17” wheels wrapped with Accellera 651 sport rubber which gives a sensual look. The beast gives out pure eargasm with custom performance header with Valvetronic exhaust system by grid7 customs and runs with Wolf moto stage 1+ performance remap with pops and bangs which makes the drive more enthusiastic. The beast is owned by Mr Shameem Shamsudheen follow him @shameem_p_shamsudheen to know more about the beast and its future upgrades.

Why Do You Need To Tune Your Car?

Getting a custom tune will allow you to get each last drop of horsepower from your beast and are habitually tuned more aggressively than a canned tune will be. Get your car tuned by expert hands of @wolfmotoperformance.

Here are some benefits of cobra lowering springs:

  • Better aerodynamics: With a lowered suspension, there’s less air going underneath the vehicle, and this will create a far better outcome for wind drag on a car. That’s why some sportier models sit a touch lower to the bottom.
  • Improves traction and handling: Generally, having the vehicle so low to the bottom can increase the grip of the tires on the roadway and improve handling. However, this is often not always the case, as lowering can in some instances cost handling issues.
  • Reduce rollover risk: When its centre of gravity makes it a rollover risk, almost any vehicle benefits from lowering. The upper the vehicle sits, the better it tips over.
  • Greater comfort: Some drivers report that they feel better with a lower suspension. The additional stiffness is often desired during a suspension, and this is often one of the perks that some drivers mention after lowering their suspensions.

Follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified cars in India.

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