E Bull jet vlogger brothers Ebin and Libin gets arrested

Shocking News! E Bull jet’s modified Force Traveller was seized and the vlogger brother’s Ebin and Libin got arrested by Kerala Police!

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Kerala is famous for its unique and custom Modified vehicles. The vehicles built in Kerala has a separate fanbase from all over the world. Even though Kerala is famous for modifications in 2019 Supreme Court has banned vehicle modifications in Kerala. As we all know in recent years van life has become quite popular in India. That too the culture is quite more popular in Kerala, in such a category the popular vlogger brothers Ebin and Libin are known as E Bull Jet as they owned a Force Traveller named Napoleon.

The popular YouTubers recently modified their Force Traveller into a complete modified caravan. Since they modified their Force Traveller, things started not going good for the brother vloggers. Recently Kerala MVD has seized their Caravan and now YouTubers Ebin and Libin have been arrested too. As per the report, MVD visited the vlogger’s house and informed them that the permit for the vehicle has expired so they are taking the vehicle with them. The Vloggers are advised to pay the permitted amount and take the vehicle but, when the vloggers Ebin and Libin verified the documents, the permit had not expired and later they brought the Caravan back to their home.

E Bull jet vlogger brothers Ebin and Libin
E Bull jet vlogger brothers Ebin and Libin

The very next day, when they were shooting a video for youtube, Kerala MVD arrives at their house once again and states them there is some issue with the documents of the vehicle. So they have informed them that they are taking the vehicle once again. Officers directed them to come to Kannur RTO to clear all the confusion related to the document of their modified Force Traveller.

E Bull jet vlogger brothers Ebin and Libin

As per the viral videos, when the vloggers went to the RTO office the whole things changes, tax problem was not mentioned anywhere so the vloggers can be heard saying that to the officers at RTO in the video, they are heard saying they have been harassed by the officers because they owned a modified vehicle. As you can see the original colour of the van was White and it was repainted with black colour. No official information regarding the legal documentation is done or not after re-painting. The Van has been upgraded with up sized alloys and tyres and also installed LED bar lights and auxiliary lamps on the roof of the van.

E Bull jet vlogger brothers Ebin and Libin

According to reports, the vlogger brothers has been engaged in verbal conflicts with the officers inside the office. The vloggers had also shared a post on their Instagram profile states that the officers have seized their vehicle and harassing them. As the post went viral on social media the fans and followers of the E Bull Jet came to the RTO in support of the vloggers and this has created a huge mess at the office. So that the officers stated that the vlogger brothers broke the COVID-19 protocol in the office compound and they also interrupted the work at the RTO. As things started to get worse, MVD officers arrived with Kannur town Police and took both the vloggers in custody. 

The vlogger brothers have mentioned in one of their videos that they are being targeted. It is not still clear that whether the van was taken in custody for not paying the taxes or modifications or for both.

As car guys and automotive family let’s all stand with the brothers Ebin and Libin and get justice for this cruelty against the automotive family.

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  1. I am a young kid of 17 years old I love modification very much..
    I was eagerly waiting to see the force traveller getting modified ..they were working so hard to get it done …etc .. I am just saying That I want to support modifications #justice for the traveller and all the modified vehicles

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