Suzuki Zen steel

The Steel Rocket

The steel Rocket is a 2003 model zen steel powered with a 1.3 Litre Esteem Engine Swap. What’s more special about the Zen steel rocket? The Zen steel was launched in 2003, the car was only manufactured in 600 units in two different variants 300 units as Zen steel and 300 units as Zen carbon so it is very rare to see these little beasts. Only a few people were able to get the limited edition and had tastefully modified these little beasts. The stock Zen steel is powered with a 993cc petrol engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox delivering a Maximum Power of 60 PS @ 6000 rpm and the Maximum Torque of 78 Nm @ 4500 rpm. Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades that are done to this beast and follow the modified monsters to know more.

Modifications And Upgrades

• Suzuki Zen Steel (1.3 Litre Esteem Engine Swap)

• Custom Exhaust System with Headers (4:2:1 Ratio)

• HKS Cold Air Intake Kit

• Suzuki Esteem Brake Upgrade

• Suzuki Gypsy Suspension Dampers (Rear)

•After market steering wheel

• Silver Paintjob

• Chrome Delete

• 15” 6J Rims Wrapped in 185/45/15 Rubber

Detailed Review

The Steel rocket gets a 1.3 Litre Esteem Engine Swap with a Custom Exhaust System with Headers (4:2:1 Ratio) and an HKS Cold Air Intake Kit. HKS Intake system allows the car to achieve more power by depressing an airflow restriction in the engine air intake system. In the Braking part, the gets a Suzuki Esteem Brake Upgrade and the car gets a Suzuki Gypsy Suspension Dampers (Rear) which increases the Stability and gives better stability on uneven roads. In the exterior part, the car gets a Silver paint job which gives a neat look to the car. The 15” 6J Rims Wrapped in 185/45/15 Rubber gives a Bolder look to the car and gives the car a more unique look. The Zen steel Rocket is owned by Mr Vineeth Kumar from Kochi, Kerala. To know the regular updates about the car do follow @

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