Modified Fiat Punto in India

Wild Scorpion Modified Fiat Punto in India

Modified Fiat Punto in India: It’s all about the superior power of the wild scorpion. Featuring the wild scorpion a 2016 GRANDE PUNTO ABARTH with a 1.4-litre T-jet petrol engine which produces the maximum power of 145hp@5500rpm and max torque of 212Nm@2000-4000rpm. The beast accelerates to 100 kmph from zero in less than 8.8 seconds before hitting a top speed of 195kmph in stock condition. It’s a Wolf moto performance-tuned beast which makes it more special. It has a custom BMC intake filter and Magnaflow Catback exhaust system which gives out a pure eargasm. The beast is owned by @true_petrolhead follow him to know more about the beast and its future upgrades. Modified cars in India: Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades that are done to this beast and follow the modified monsters to know more.

Modifications and Upgrades Done to Abarth Punto

• 1.4 Litre T-Jet

• Wolf Moto Performance Tune

• BMC Intake Filter

• Magnaflow Catback Exhaust System

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