Modified Skoda Octavia

This Modified Skoda Octavia will never make your drive feel bored

When elegant design meets power, then driving on highways doesn’t make you feel bored. This modified Skoda Octavia built by the expert hands of Vagmaster India from Chennai will make you feel wow with its mind-blowing upgrades. In the performance part, the car gets some insane Stage 3 eTuners ECU Tune and Stage 3 tuners TCU Tune with IHI IS20 Turbo Upgrade, Milltek Sport Decat Downpipe, and GoFastBits Diverter Valve. Its Integrated Engineering Intercooler Upgrade boosts safer operating temperatures and gives much more wiggle room for the car to fly with this stage 3 aggressive tune without harming its engine.

Modified Skoda Octavia
Modified Skoda Octavia

Stock Figures Of This Modified Skoda Octavia:

The car flies on the street with upgraded vRS 230 Suspension Springs and vRS Brake Kit (340mm) which enhance the handling of the car and gives you a perfect driving experience. Read the complete article to know about the Modifications and upgrades done to the car and compare it with the stock figures of this modified Skoda Octavia. Never miss any updates about the modified cars, follow us on Instagram to know more about the modified cars in India.
Featuring the Roadrunner, a Skoda Octavia powered with a Skoda Octavia (1.8 Litre TSI) 1798 cc Turbocharged petrol engine mated to an Automatic 7-speed Gearbox delivering maximum power and torque of (bhp@rpm) 177 bhp@5100 rpm and (Nm@rpm) 250 Nm@1250 rpm in the stock condition. What’s unique about the Roadrunner? Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades that are done to the beast.

Modified Skoda Octavia
Modified Skoda Octavia

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Modifications And Upgrades Done To This Modified Skoda Octavia:

→ Stage 3 eTuners ECU Tune
→ Stage 3 eTuners TCU Tune
→ IHI IS20 Turbo Upgrade
→ Integrated Engineering Intercooler Upgrade
→ Milltek Sport Decat Downpipe
→ GoFastBits Diverter Valve
→ 17″ Lenso Rims Wrapped in 225/45/17 Michelin Rubber
→ vRS 230 Suspension Springs
→ vRS Brake Kit (340mm)
→ Sportline Flat-bottom Steering Wheel.

Modified Skoda Octavia
Modified Skoda Octavia

Works are done by: @vagmaster_india

This modified Skoda Octavia is Owned By Mr Sharan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Follow him on Instagram at @sharan_mk8 to know more about the beast and its future upgrades.

Thank you Mr Ikshu Sakariya for the amazing shots. Check out his works on Instagram at @ikshusakariya.

Modified Skoda Octavia
Modified Skoda Octavia

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